Written by Pepe on April 6, 2014
The billionaire Bill Gates was once asked about  his opinion of Bitcoins to which he replied that they are " a technological tour de force ." Exactly the words used by the former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt , referring to the cryptocurrency . The techies feel a fatal attraction to this coin that no one can explain how it works to a five year old. The news we get are very confusing sometimes it tell us that is a system for laundering money or that it is a bubble, but there must be something about Bitcoins that these extremely intelligent people see and are failing to communicate to us.

If we take the time to search in Google the word " Bitcoin " we get thousands of pages explaining that it is a decentralized system based on P2P networks using an efficient method of encryption, which is not very helpful if we want to understand how Bitcoins really work . Perhaps it is best to start at the beginning and ask ourselves: What is money? And to this end we will analyze the currency used in one of the islands of Micronesia.

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Wed Feb 26, 2014 - Kristov Atlas' book on bitcoin anonymity will soon be available for download at http://AnonymousBitcoinBook.com. Tonight he volunteered to give members of BitcoinPHL an exclusive look at the presentation he will be giving on the topic at the upcoming Texas Bitcoin Conference. The event was live-streamed, but you only heard about it if you're connected to the BitcoinPHL group on Facebook. At Kristov's request, I have disabled the video until he gives his presentation in Austin. To be the first to see it when it comes back online, subscribe to our YouTube. - Written by @DerrickJFreeman
Tues Feb 25, 2014 - Chris Yim and Kyle Powers are the owners of Liberty Teller (http://libertyteller.com/), a new business that serves customers with a machine that instantly converts dollars into bitcoins. LibertyTeller is the first machine in the US that is located in a public place (not a private establishment). They currently have just one, in Boston's South Station, but they have plans to bring their machines to Philly and beyond!

Written by @DerrickJFreeman


11:19am Wed, Feb 19, 2014 - Traveling through Boston's South Station? Next to Track 6 on the train platform, you'll notice a mysterious device that has appeared. It's the first public Bitcoin ATM in the US. The machine is about 2 feet tall and 1 foot wide and rests on a high table. A banner beside the device reads "LIBERTY TELLER: Bitcoin in 30 seconds". Welcome to 2014, where it's now faster to get bitcoin on your way through South Station than to get a coffee. 

If you've spent any time in the bitcoin space, you've seen these machines before. They're the Lamassu model, designed and produced by a team of brilliant Bitcoin Mavericks in New Hampshire. You can feed in over 50 different currencies of paper money, and the machine sends the value in bitcoin right to your smartphone. The Philly-based company Liberty Teller launched their service today. The above image appeared in a post on reddit, apparently from a traveler passing through South Station, surprised by the release.

According to the website at LibertyTeller.com, a map of "locations" suggests Liberty Tellers will be releasing more machines in other popular venues in the coming year, but owners Kyle Powers and Chris Yim are quiet about details. I am traveling to use the Liberty Teller tonight and will publish a video report on it tomorrow to BitcoinPHL.com.  --  @DerrickJFreeman

image: Kyle Powers & Chris Yim, founders of Liberty Teller, are members of BitcoinPHL
Kyle Powers & Chris Yim, founders of Liberty Teller, are members of BitcoinPHL
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Written by Jason on February 5, 2014
Well the interview with Shai Ben-Yaacov of WHYY's Newsworks is going to air tonight. Not too bad but he gives way too much credit and attention to the opinions of a "risk management expert in Boston University's finance department."   What kind of credentials are those in relation to Bitcoin? So the dude deals with money and all of a sudden he's an expert on Bitcoin price volatility?

 Shai also neglects to mention the fact that merchants don't have to take any currency risk at all by using providers such as Coinbase and Bitpay. Those companies allow you to accept Bitcoin and have the USD value of the Bitcoin at the time of the transaction deposited into their bank accounts the next day for a zero (Coinbase) to one percent (Bitpay) fee.  I find it very disappointing that he didn't  mention that there are companies that are successfully operating by removing currency risk as a factor for merchant adoption;  Especially in an article that claims to be addressing that very issue.   If I neglected to mention the important role that Coinbase and Bitpay play in merchant adoption of Bitcoin, then shame on me, but I'm pretty sure I did...

He also makes me sound like a used car salesman... but whatever.  I can't help it if I exude confidence when I'm talking about something that I have extensive knowledge about.    Read it yourself!
Written by Jason on January 24, 2014
Kristov Atlas, a member of BitcoinPHL and the author of the upcoming book, Anonymous Bitcoin, has penned a piece on his blog about how Bitcoin, and other decentralized cryptographic technologies can help protect both our data and privacy. However, the features and technologies are only beginning to be developed and there are still many failure points that can compromise your privacy and make you vulnerable to attack.  In this data driven, information based world, data is money. When we entrust others with our data, it's the same as trusting a stranger with our money, the keys to our homes, safe deposit boxes, and everything else that we cherish or ascribe value.

Currently, most of our data is stored centrally.  This makes it extremely easy for bad actors to compromise 3rd party systems and take whatever they want.  The recent data breach at Target and other major retailers is a glaring example of this.   Trusting 3rd partys to go to the lengths necessary to properly secure our information is a losing proposition.  Frankly, I don't even think it's something they could do effectively  even if they choose to devote massive amounts of time and resources to the issue.  

This is issue is of particular importance in the Bitcoin eco-system.  While Bitcoin, the protocol, operates in a decentralized fashion, the services and exchanges that lay on top of it are not.  Many times we don't even know who owns these services.   There is still much work to be done in this area.   Personally, I can't wait for the day that there a re decentralized exchanges, mixers, wallets, and whatever else the amazing minds in this industry come up with.  Give him your email if you'd like to be notified when his book is released.  I've been fortunate enough to get a preview. It'll be worth the read!

Read Kristov's Post here
Written by Jason on January 24, 2014
Article today in the Philly Metro about Cavanaugh's Sports Bar in Rittenhouse accepting Bitcoin. They will be using Coinbase as their payment processor. The owner spoke about how Coinbase doesn't charge any fees until after 1 million dollars in sales.  This is huge news.  It's the first bar in Philly to accept Bitcoin!   

I'll be suggesting a Bitcoin social Meetup there to welcome him to the community!

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Written by Jason on January 18, 2014
My love for Bitcoin extends far beyond its usage as a curency.  It will effect virtually everything having to do with transactions and the methods by which we conduct them.   Property, gold, silver, vehicles, equipment, consumer goods, etc.   I'm so excited. I just can't hide it....      Watch it here on the Youtubes
Written by Jason on January 13, 2014

Inkster is a startup based out of the new Philly Impact Hub the shared working  space that replaced 3rd Ward.   I was there today.  I have to say, it was an impressive facility.  Fortunately, the owner of Inkster was caught in traffic, so I was able to chat up one of the founders about Bitcoin and why they should accept it.   He seemed interested and I have a feeling they may bite, if only for the publicity. 

Inkster's founder, Douglas Wong, is quite the character.  Filled with energy and a overflowing with passion for his new venture.  From what I could gather during our rapid-fire conversation, Inkster is trying to be a place where artists can have their artwork printed affordably, in high quality and full color, on nice Tee's for super cheap.  I won't quote numbers here, but it sounds like a significant part of the money goes right to the artist. They print everything in-house with a super duper high tech full color digital printer.

Doug had also asked if people from BitcoinPHL would volunteer to be in a commercial for his company.  He produces 2-3 short, humorous commercials each week and an idea for one that involves Bitcoin.  We may try and coordinate it with the Philadelphia Brewing Company Brewery Tour to maximize turn-out.   Details to follow.  


Doug had also volunteered the Impact Hub as a place for us to hold some meetings.   While I personally don't think that it would be the best spot for our weekly meetings, I definitely think it would be a great spot to do presentations or special events.   I'm going to propose that we do a presentation to all the different companies on why Bitcoin rulz and why they should accept it.

Stay tuned!   There's some exciting shit going down!


Written by Jason on January 13, 2014
BitPay, the world’s largest payment processor for virtual currencies, announces a beta release of their bitcoin payroll API for employers, which allows their W-2 employees to recieve a portion of their Net pay in bitcoin.  
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BitcoinPHL is killing it!   Let's make Philadelphia the Bitcoin hub of the world! http://technical.ly/philly/2014/01/13/philly-businesses-accept-bitcoin/


Written by Jason on January 13, 2014
Philadelphia Magazine food and drink writer, Foobooz, writes a nice little piece about PBC and BitcoinPHL.   Check it out and spread the word!    Don't forget to come to the Brewery tour on Feb 1st at 12:30!  RSVP on our Meetup page.    http://www.phillymag.com/foobooz/2014/01/10/philadelphia-brewing-company-accepting-bitcoin-payment/    
Written by Jason on January 13, 2014
This is the future of banking. Third party secure crypto currency storage. Which, funny enough was the original reason that banks came into existence. Their primary role was that of a repository. A place where one could deposit their wealth for safe-keeping. Banks actually payed you for the privilege of safeguarding your money. Imagine that! Of course they also used it while you weren't but hey....

I won't be depositing with them anytime soon. There are still a lot of kinks to be worked out and a reputation to be built. However it's nice to see the market begin to provide solutions to the very important issue of crypto-storage http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/goldmoney-group-adds-bitcoin-to-commodity-vault-9055414.html
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Tonight Steven and I went to Higher Grounds Cafe, where I purchased my first-ever coffee with bitcoin. I got a large mocha latte, and I enjoyed it so much, I got a second one before leaving! This cafe has a great atmosphere and music selection, plus a wide variety of delicious food and hot drinks. The best part is you can pay for your order in bitcoins! I look forward to returning tomorrow to talk with the owners on video about their decision to accept bitcoin as payment.

It was a quick, easy, and overall pleasant experience ordering and paying with bitcoin! The cashier totaled my order and presented me with the cafe's bitcoin address in a QR code. I scanned the code with my phone and typed in the amount owed (plus a tip), and hit send! That's it! I highly recommend supporting this bitcoin-friendly business!

Couldn't make it? Here is an edited audio recording of tonight's conversation:

- Derrick J Freeman, Dec 17, 2013


Look at this awesome pamphlet designed by Davi Barker of Bitcoin Not Bombs. Share it with your friends! Print some and hand them out at your next trade show or speaking engagement! Leave some in the Dr's office waiting room, or maybe even your local bank's lobby...

Link to PDF: https://bitcoinphl.com/upload/HoneyBadgerTrfold_2.pdf

- Derrick J Freeman, December 17, 2013

Check it out: http://articles.philly.com/2013-12-08/news/44908780_1_satoshi-nakamoto-bitcoin-transactions-meet-up

Here's an excerpt: 

The guys at the meet-up were animated, ears cocked to learn. Can you get refunds in Bitcoin? Can you do escrow transactions? Where's a good place to go for information? 
"There's a lot I don't know," Said Jason DiLuzio of Fishtown, "but there's someone here who will know, and maybe I'll know something they don't."
Wharton School students Kyle Powers and Chris Yim are vets of the Bitcoin world. "We have vendors, researchers, even a couple academics," Powers said. "It's a very open group," Yim said. "We're trying to get integratd into the local community."


Friday, Dec 7,  2013 - Today, for the third day in a row, the bitcoin price went down. This can feel unnatural for some because they are accustomed to the price always going up. Although the price of each bitcoin, and thus the dollar value of the entire network went down today, that does not mean that bitcoin is over.

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Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013 - 20 people attended tonight's meetup, which took place at 30th St Station for the first time ever. It was an awesome location that no doubt played a part in the high turnout. It's easy to get to since it's a transportation hub, plus there's tons of flexible room for seating. It has the added benefit of seating and tables nearby restaurants, without the obligation of having to buy something. The biggest downside were the poor accoustics.

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Holiday Business Showcase

Written by Tmac on December 1, 2013

Check out the latest Philadelphia area businesses that are excepting Bitcoin for holiday shopping this year!

You can also use the new map feature on our home page for locating businesses that except bitcoin are in your area.

If you are a Business in our area and would like to be featured in our Holiday showcase, please contact us and we will be happy to help promote you business.

List of local Vendors and Businesses:

Rittenhouse Holiday Pop-up Shop

Featuring several Artist and vintage items

Open December 13-15 & 20-22
Store hours 1pm-8pm
268 S. 20th St. Phila PA 19103

Sum Pig Food Truck

Food Truck roaming the streets of Southeastern PA

(215) 626-7668

Street Glitter Gallery

306 East Girard Avene

Philadelphia 19125

Luna Grey Interiors




GearForms: Industrial Americana & Salvage Co.

Located in Fishtown - By appointment only


Pirate Printing Co.


Written by Tmac on November 30, 2013

Some of you may have bought or sold on BitMit (EBAY for Bitcoin) or other crypto-auction sites.

I've been using www.cryptothrift.com the last few weeks. I am very happy with the functionality. The straight forward easy to use interface lets you have better control of your auctions than Bitmit. What I like most is that you can use several different payment options, they offer Escrow, and you can choose to be paid in whichever crypto-currency you wish to receive!

Try is out for this holiday shopping season!