Higher Grounds Meetup

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Tonight Steven and I went to Higher Grounds Cafe, where I purchased my first-ever coffee with bitcoin. I got a large mocha latte, and I enjoyed it so much, I got a second one before leaving! This cafe has a great atmosphere and music selection, plus a wide variety of delicious food and hot drinks. The best part is you can pay for your order in bitcoins! I look forward to returning tomorrow to talk with the owners on video about their decision to accept bitcoin as payment.

It was a quick, easy, and overall pleasant experience ordering and paying with bitcoin! The cashier totaled my order and presented me with the cafe's bitcoin address in a QR code. I scanned the code with my phone and typed in the amount owed (plus a tip), and hit send! That's it! I highly recommend supporting this bitcoin-friendly business!

Couldn't make it? Here is an edited audio recording of tonight's conversation:

- Derrick J Freeman, Dec 17, 2013