Awesome Meetup @ 30th St Station


Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013 - 20 people attended tonight's meetup, which took place at 30th St Station for the first time ever. It was an awesome location that no doubt played a part in the high turnout. It's easy to get to since it's a transportation hub, plus there's tons of flexible room for seating. It has the added benefit of seating and tables nearby restaurants, without the obligation of having to buy something. The biggest downside were the poor accoustics.

Since the group was so big, we started out by introducing ourselves (about 80% of the group were regulars), and then the meeting evolved organically from there. It ended without a formal closing time, but people started leaving around 8:30p. There were no women tonight. We discussed a range of topics, including the now-dormant feature in the bitcoin protocol that would allow for trustless escrow and payment reversals. Hopefully, since this hasn't been developed yet, some members of our group will successfully implement this concept in real life. There's still much to learn in the world of bitcoin, and it's exciting to see great minds come together to share knowledge and ideas.


Next week, we'll be meeting at Higher Grounds Cafe at Fairmount ave. and N. 3rd. They accept bitcoin! I look forward to seeing you there, and purchasing my first coffee with bitcoin!