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Welcome to the BitcoinPHL Wiki!


Getting Started - for Users

Setting up a Wallet

Buying and Selling Coins

Locally Currently, the fastest way to buy bitcoins is to do it in person, in cash. To accomplish this, go through localbitcoins, attend one of our meetups or try the philadelphia trading post facebook group.

Online There are numerous online exchanges, ranked below by ease of use.

  • Coinbase connects directly to your bank account (takes less than a week to verify), debiting and crediting your account when you buy or sell.
  • Bitstamp accepts payment through a money order, which you make from your bank and takes ????.

Getting Started - for Merchants

Transaction Processors

  • Bitpay
  • Coinbase

Accepting Bitcoins

  • Printed QR Code

Pros: Simple, nearly free, fast Cons: No confirmation capability, must determine conversion at point of sale, cant differentiate between different products, accounting is challenging

  • iPad or Tablet

Using Websites Pros: Will convert USD to BTC for you at time of sale, can have a different target for each product, improved accounting Using apps app Hardware Cheap Android Tablets VIA V7 7 WM8880 Cortex-A9 Android Tablet ($59)


Cold Storage

  • What is Cold Storage?
  • Paper Wallet Tutorial
  • Cold Storage with Linux, Bitcoin-Qt, and TrueCrypt
  • Privacy

Bitcoin Businesses

  • Locating Brick & Mortar Businesses Bitcoin Travel Other Maps

  • Philadelphia
  • NYC
  • Online

Investment and Day Trading

Charts and Analysis


  • The Bitstar Portfolio (Blending Bitcoin with Harry Browne’s Permanent Portfolio)

Mining Resources

  • Altcoin Mining
              CryptoSwitcher: Chooses Optimal Crypto-currency to mine at all times
  • Communities


Altcoin Resources

Other Bitcoin Resources

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