Inkster, a Philadelphia start-up with a focus on creative T-shirts and their artists, to accept Bitcoin!

Written by Jason on January 13, 2014

Inkster is a startup based out of the new Philly Impact Hub the shared working  space that replaced 3rd Ward.   I was there today.  I have to say, it was an impressive facility.  Fortunately, the owner of Inkster was caught in traffic, so I was able to chat up one of the founders about Bitcoin and why they should accept it.   He seemed interested and I have a feeling they may bite, if only for the publicity. 

Inkster's founder, Douglas Wong, is quite the character.  Filled with energy and a overflowing with passion for his new venture.  From what I could gather during our rapid-fire conversation, Inkster is trying to be a place where artists can have their artwork printed affordably, in high quality and full color, on nice Tee's for super cheap.  I won't quote numbers here, but it sounds like a significant part of the money goes right to the artist. They print everything in-house with a super duper high tech full color digital printer.

Doug had also asked if people from BitcoinPHL would volunteer to be in a commercial for his company.  He produces 2-3 short, humorous commercials each week and an idea for one that involves Bitcoin.  We may try and coordinate it with the Philadelphia Brewing Company Brewery Tour to maximize turn-out.   Details to follow.  


Doug had also volunteered the Impact Hub as a place for us to hold some meetings.   While I personally don't think that it would be the best spot for our weekly meetings, I definitely think it would be a great spot to do presentations or special events.   I'm going to propose that we do a presentation to all the different companies on why Bitcoin rulz and why they should accept it.

Stay tuned!   There's some exciting shit going down!