Bitcoin on WHYY's Newsworks Program

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Written by Jason on February 5, 2014
Well the interview with Shai Ben-Yaacov of WHYY's Newsworks is going to air tonight. Not too bad but he gives way too much credit and attention to the opinions of a "risk management expert in Boston University's finance department."   What kind of credentials are those in relation to Bitcoin? So the dude deals with money and all of a sudden he's an expert on Bitcoin price volatility?

 Shai also neglects to mention the fact that merchants don't have to take any currency risk at all by using providers such as Coinbase and Bitpay. Those companies allow you to accept Bitcoin and have the USD value of the Bitcoin at the time of the transaction deposited into their bank accounts the next day for a zero (Coinbase) to one percent (Bitpay) fee.  I find it very disappointing that he didn't  mention that there are companies that are successfully operating by removing currency risk as a factor for merchant adoption;  Especially in an article that claims to be addressing that very issue.   If I neglected to mention the important role that Coinbase and Bitpay play in merchant adoption of Bitcoin, then shame on me, but I'm pretty sure I did...

He also makes me sound like a used car salesman... but whatever.  I can't help it if I exude confidence when I'm talking about something that I have extensive knowledge about.    Read it yourself!